Ann Arbor, MI
School of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration, May 1998

  • Emphases in Marketing and General Management

  • Minored in On-Line Commerce

  • Help American businessmen gain negotiating skills with Japanese counterparts under East Asia Business Program.

  • Mentor students at Scarlett Middle School.

Kobe, Japan
Bachelor of Law, March 1984

  • Minor: Pedagogical Linguistics, certified by the ministry of education, to teach English in junior/high school.

  • Guided foreign tourists to various historical places in Japan.


Johnson Wax Professional, Japan
Yokohama, Japan
Business Planning
June 1998 - present

  • Investigated and brought about an M&A of Teepol, a leading dish wash chemical firm with 15 billion yen montly sales, after intensive due deligence proccesses in 1999.

  • Increased Johnson Japan's sales revenue as well as net profit by 2% and 6% respectively in two years by introducing new products and services that satisfy rapidly changing customer needs, even under the severe economic recession.

  • Coordinated global strategic projects regarding HACCP and e-commerce to maximize Johnson's global resources

  • Built an official Johnson Japan home page: www.jwpjapan.com, as a leader of e-business project.

Sakai Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan
International Marketing & Sales Manager
June 1991-June 1996

  • Doubled sales of magnetic iron oxide(MIO) to $1.8million per month over a 2-year period, achieving a record 50% share of the south Korean market, which is still unsurpassed.

  • Coordinated plans for the construction of a $10million MIO facility with a Korean partner.

  • Accomplished a 60% increase in sputtering target material sales revenues for Magneto-Optical Discs over a one-year period.

  • Received the best suggestion award for suggesting cost cutting measures in MIO exporting, saving company $10,000 per month.

  • Administered contracts for sales distributorship agreement with U.S., H.K., and Korean partners.

Sales Representative, Japanese Market
April 1989-May 1991

  • Sustained 20% growth in MIO sales to $1.2 million per month in the Japanese market over a three year period.

  • Collaborated with an American partner in the sales and import of MIO from the U.S. for the Japanese market and other Asian markets.

  • Simplified trade documentation procedures by computerizing all variable data, thus, increasing efficiency an estimated 30%.

  • Trimmed $6,000 from monthly banking charges by evaluating and implementing factoring basis.

Japan Magnetics Limited.(JML)
joint venture between Hercules Co. of the US and Sakai Chemical
Sales assistant
April 1984-March 1989

  • Marketed products worldwide for JML.

  • Handled extensive import/export related assignments including negotiating L/Cs, booking vessels, arranging insurance, claiming damages and locking-in exchange rates through the future market.

  • Translated and interpreted English to Japanese at staff, client and executive board meetings.


  • Won championship in the Chiba-Shintairen tennis tournament in 1994.

  • Play solo/duo classical guitar at the annual Katsutadai city concert.

  • Fascinated by African/Asian primitive art.

  • Play tennis, as head coach, at a private tennis club.


  • Teach at Globis Management School, one of the leading business schools in Japan, courses on marketing and corporate strategy.

  • Authored a book titled "Creative Thinking" published by Diamond Publishing Inc. in September 2002.

  • Co-authored, with Mr. Matsuno & Mr. Tsurooka, a book titled "Key Business Words" published by Kodansya Inc in May 2002.

  • Translated "Becoming a Better Value Creator" by Anjan V. Thakor into Japanese, published by Diamond Publishing Inc. in August 2001.

  • Co-authored, with Mr. Senmoto - president of E-ACCESS, a book titled "How To Start Your Own Comapny - The MBA Way" published by PHP Inc. in June 2000.

  • Co-authored, with Mr.Tsuruoka, a book titled "MBA Maganement Key Concepts", published by Sanno Publishing Co. in May 1999.

  • Co-authored, with Ms. Michico Yamazaki, a book on TOEIC(Test of English for International Communication) reading skills, published by Natsume Publishing Inc. in September 1995.

  • Completed language teaching curriculum, with Ms. Nobuko Yokoyama, a Japanese linguist, in 1995.

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